Excerpted from “Inspector’s Report on the School Plant and Equipment”

Mackay Indian Residential School

Mackay is a new residential school completed and officially opened in the fall of 1957. It has been designed to provide al facilities of a modern residential school to discharge the combined functions of residence, recreation and education. Instruction is given in 6 modern classrooms of the latest design arranged in a lock on the east side of the building. The block uses a centre hall plan with three classrooms in line on each side of the hall. The classrooms are of standard size with a maximum capacity for 40 pupils each (the ideal number would be 32 pupils). All lighting, heating, paintwork are of the latest design.

Water supply is from the Town of Dauphin water system which makes use of automatic chlorinating equipment. Power is supplied by the Manitoba Power Commission which serves Dauphin by the two trunk transmission lines. Janitor services is in charge of one engineer, one janitor, one maintenance man.